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Create your own toy with the DIY 3D-Print Dynamic Toys from 3D&Print! From creative stencil to beautiful 3D print design - place it on top of the moving component and play! A super educational and safe gift that encourages spatial awareness and creative confidence. Read more
  • Designed for children - from 6 years old
  • With durable and safe PCL filament that melts at a low temperature
  • Complete DIY 3D-Print set incl. mechanical part, PCL filaments and stencils
  • The perfect, educational gift that boosts your child's creative self-confidence
  • Suitable for the Kids 3D pen

Product description: DIY 3D-Print Dynamic Toys

With 3D&Print's complete DIY 3D-Print kit, your child will easily design their own toys, all the way from creative 3d print stencil to running creature! The perfect gift that is also super educational and encourages spatial awareness and creative self-confidence.

Easily create your own fantasy creatures with this complete DIY 3D Print kit. From creative stencil to beautiful 3D print design - place it on the moving component and you're done!

Kids will love playing with it. Are they tired of the waddling creatures? Then they simply design a new favourite! And be honest, there's nothing more fun than working with bright colours, is there?

Encourage your child's creative confidence with the educational DIY 3D-Print kit from 3D&Print!

The creative stencils offer an easy-to-follow roadmap to making their own 3D toys! By designing and making their own toys, children build self-confidence in their creative skills. Before their eyes, they see their design come to life, giving them a sense of pride and satisfaction.

Evidently, the stencils provide a foundation from which their creativity soon flows freely and they'll create their own unique toys. In other words, it helps them think outside the box and bring their own imagination to life.

In addition, bright colours stimulate the senses and enhance their enjoyment of the creative process. These kinds of activities are super educational and it can get children interested in technology, design and engineering.

Let it also be a first step for your child towards a deeper understanding of 3D design and manufacturing, while increasing their spatial understanding in the meantime!

With PCL filament, the safety of the DIY 3D Design kit is also guaranteed!

The DIY 3D Print Dynamic Toys also include several colours of PCL filament to draw with. PCL is a thermoplastic, that is, a solid material at room temperature, but as the temperature increases it turns liquid, making it suitable to create 3D designs with.

It is a flexible and strong material and already becomes bendable at a temperature of around 55°C. Which is very handy if you've made a mistake in your design and want to adjust it quickly.

PCL is also a sustainable and biodegradable material, made from high-quality green plastic which means that it is non-toxic, does not produce hazardous fumes and does not trigger allergies. In other words, its use is definitely safe for children.

Moreover, thanks to the low melting temperature of PCL filament (130 - 160°C), the 3D pen's printing head also gets much less hot, making it more suitable for children than other well-known 3D printing materials such as PLA and ABS.

With the different editions of the DIY 3D Print Dynamic Toys, there is something for everyone!

The choice is vast (!) with the 2 different versions of the DIY 3D-Print Dynamic Toys. Which one will you choose? The waddling robots or animals rushing by?

There are also 2 types of mechanical parts that allow the creatures to move: a motorised base on AG13 batteries (not included) or a clockwork drive motor (no batteries needed). Depending on the edition, you will receive either motor.

With one slide of the button under the motorised component, you let your 3D designs whiz by on the ground. Whereby, with the clockwork drive motor, you have to turn the knob a few times to see the fantasy creature rush past energetically!

Boost your kids' creative confidence with the DIY 3D designs from 3D&Print. Whether they like drawing, crafting or building, we have the 3D designs that will capture their attention and get them creating!

Product specifications

Article code
Filament type
2 metres per roll
Suitable for 3D-pen
Yes, for the Kids 3D Pen from 3D&Print.
Multiple colours
From 6 years

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But how exactly do you go about creating your latest 3D printing masterpiece?

Have you always wanted to make your own toys? We explain here how to do it.


  1. Choose your favourite 3D print design and grab the right stencil.
  2. Place the transparent mat on top of the template you want to make first.
  3. Make sure your 3D pen is ready to use. To do so, follow the 3D pen's instructions.
  4. Follow the instructions on the stencil and start drawing!
  5. Have you made all the templates? Then stick them together as indicated on the stencil.
  6. Put the 3D design on top of the moving component and race away!

Discover the DIY 3D-Design kit of the Walking Robots!

The DIY 3D-Print Dynamic Toys from the Walking Robots include 5 unique robot 3D printing models.

But watch out! Like a real engineer, you can take apart the designs and combine the different parts. Arms, heads, faces and bodies are interchangeable. So you can create endless new designs!

Wind up the motor by turning the knob a few times and let all your robots come to life!

Discover the DIY 3D design kit of the Running Animals!

Can you picture it? Your child, running and amazed, chasing their homemade toys. The Running Animals from 3D&Print are placed on a motorised component, making them swarm just like real animals!

Will you make all the animals in the kit?

  • Crab
  • Scorpion
  • Stingray
  • Caterpillar
  • Spider
  • Turtle
  • Ladybird
  • Beetle
  • Bee
  • Angel fish

Looking for extra colours of PCL filament or the perfect Kids 3D pen?

We'll give you a hand.


What's in the box - DIY 3D-Print Dynamic Toys

What's in the box?

DIY 3D-Print Moving Toys - Running Creatures

  • 10x stencils for 10 animals
  • Transparent plastic mat
  • 17x various colours PCL filament (1.75 mm), 2 metres per roll
  • 1x motorised base on AG13 batteries (not included)
  • Manual
What's in the box - DIY 3D-Print Dynamic Toys

What's in the box?

DIY 3D-Print Moving Toys - Walking Robots

  • 5x stencils for 5 robots
  • Transparent plastic mat
  • 12x various colours PCL filament (1.75 mm), 2 m per roll
  • 1x clockwork drive motor (no batteries needed)
  • Manual

Frequently asked questions about DIY 3D-Print Dynamic Toys

The DIY 3D-Print Dynamic Toys from 3D&Print is specially designed for children aged 6 and above. But it brings fun to all ages.

No, due to the different 3D designs, the type of moving component, colours and number of PCL filament, the content of the DIY 3D-print kit may differ from one edition to another.

No, the DIY 3D-Print kit does not include a 3D pen. 3D&Print offers the Kids 3D-Pen starter kit for that purpose - of which the 3D pen is perfect for this cool DIY 3D-Design kit.

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9,5 2 Reviews
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DIY 3D-Print Dynamic Toys - Walking Robots

Recommended price 22,99
Recommended price 22,99

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