PLA Filament Pack - 6 Satin Colour - 1.75 mm - 6 x 10 meters - 1,75mm - 6 x 10 meter

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6 Satin colors pack PLA Filament for the 3Dandprint 3D pen. Read more
  • Multipack
  • 6 colors
  • Each colour has a length of 10 m
  • Suitable for the 3D pen
  • High quality PLA-filament

Product description: PLA Filament Pack - 6 Satin Colour - 1.75 mm - 6 x 10 meters

This pack includes the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Pink

Length: 10 meters per color

Product specifications

Article code
Multiple colours
10 meters per color
Filament type
Suitable for 3D-pen
Suitable for 3D-printer

Frequently asked questions about PLA Filament Pack - 6 Satin Colour - 1.75 mm - 6 x 10 meters

PLA is green, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and requires less heat and thus less energy to melt. Moreover, because of the low temperature, it is easier to use. So in all aspects it is positive and in our eyes the best kind of filament.

No, it is unfortunately not possible to use used filament as a filling again. As soon as the filament is heated, it melts. This means that the filament no longer fits in the pen.

Yes, the filament that comes out of the 3D printer pen is pretty hot. Filament can be up to 245 degrees! However, the filament cools down again within 2 to 3 seconds.

Yes, it is possible to use ABS, PETG and PLA* filaments interchangeably. Our 3D pen is suitable for ABS, PETG and PLA. Before switching filaments, we recommend you to empty the 3D printer pen first. The introduction of a new filament (before the old one is used up) can cause a blockage.

*We recommend using PLA because it is biologically responsible and works best.

No, this package is not well suited for printers. 10 metres of filament is fine for 3D pens, but less suitable for 3D printers. For 3D printers, you choose filament that is on a spool, so that you can hang it on your printer. In addition, 10 meters is quite short for printers.

Unused filament can be recycled. If you wish to dispose of the unused filament, please observe the environmental legislation in force in your country or municipality for the collection and recycling of plastics (plastic).

There are 3 types of filament that you can use for the 3D pen from 3Dandprint. These are the ABS, PETG and PLA filaments of 1.75 mm.

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PLA Filament Pack - 6 Satin Colour - 1.75 mm - 6 x 10 meters - 1,75mm - 6 x 10 meter





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