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Step into the world of the Nano 3D-printing pen and experience the conversion of innovation and art! With the Nano 3D pen's sleek, lightweight design, metal body and advanced technology, you'll soar to new heights no matter your skill level. The OLED screen provides intuitive control of temperature, speed and material, allowing you to bring your 3D artwork to life with even more precision. Read more
  • Ideal for drawing in the air
  • For all 3D-drawing enthusiasts, regardless of your skill level
  • Energy-saving 10W design with auto-standby mode after 1 minute
  • Connectable to a power bank
  • With handy OLED display
  • Adjustable speed (6x) and temperature (130 - 230 °C)
  • Includes 3 colours of PLA filament - total of 9 metres

Product description: Nano 3D printing pen

Discover advanced 3D drawing with the Nano 3D-printing pen. Fuse art and innovation into your latest masterpiece thanks to the slim, lightweight design with metal housing that fits perfectly in your hand.

Draw even more accurately with the integrated 0.7 mm nozzle that prevents leakage, and easily adjust temperature, speed, colour and material via the OLED display.

Are you an architect in the making, a hobbyist gone pro or completely new to the world of 3D printing? This new Nano 3D-printing pen from 3D&Print is sure to raise your interest regardless of your skills!

This pen is more than just a tool - it is an extension of your imagination. Unleash your creativity and nothing will stand between you and your next masterpiece. Who knows, you might finally start that big modelling project you've been wanting to create for ages?

What makes the Nano 3D printing pen so special?

The Nano 3D printing pen puts you in control of every detail of your masterpiece. Thanks to the intuitive buttons next to the beautiful OLED display, the Nano 3D pen is extremely user-friendly. Easily set the desired modes and control exactly how your creations come to life.

Want to switch colours or materials (ABS or PLA)? Prefer higher speed (there are 6 settings!) or lower temperature (130 - 230 °C)? You'll have it all done in no time.

Moreover, the Nano 3D pen is a highly sustainable product since it has an automatic standby mode, which activates after only 1 minute of inactivity. In standby mode, the nozzle will cool down and the filament will be ejected to prevent it from clumping.

Create even safer and more precise works of art thanks to the Nano 3D pen's ceramic nozzle!

This innovative 3D printing pen is designed to make drawing in the air even more easy! Thanks to the 0.7 mm integrated ceramic nozzle, you prevent leakage and draw with greater precision.

In addition, thanks to this temperature-regulating nozzle, the Nano 3D pen is suitable for both ABS and PLA filaments of 1.75 mm, and has less thermal conductivity, making it safer to use.

To ensure a flying start to your creative journey with the Nano 3D pen, we include 3 pieces of PLA filaments in different colours and a total of 9 metres, to the package. 

Boost your creativity with the conveniently portable 3D printing pen.

And here comes the best part - the 3D printing pen adapts to your lifestyle! Whether you use the included adapter or connect a power bank (not included) via the USB connection, this 3D-pen will never let you down, no matter where you go. 

Are you ready to step into the world of advanced 3D printing? Order our Nano 3D printing pen now and experience how art and innovation merge into your next masterpiece! 

Product specifications

Article code
Melting temperature print button
130 - 230 °C
Suitable filament types
Power source
AC/DC adapter, 100-240V, 50/60HZ 2a
Printhead dimensions
Product size
155 mm x Ø15.5 mm
Enables auto-standby mode
After 1 minute
Setting speed modeling
Yes, 6 positions
Temperature setting option
37 g
From 14 years
How does the 3D Printing Pen work? How does the 3D Printing Pen work?

How does the 3D Printing Pen work?

Within 5 easy steps, you will create the most beautiful masterpieces!


  1. Connect the pen to a power source (adapter or power bank)
  2. Activate the pen and set the temperature and material type
  3. Give the pen a moment to warm up properly
  4. Insert the desired filament in the pen
  5. The 3D pen is now all set, draw away!
What is the difference between the 3D printing materials PLA and ABS? What is the difference between the 3D printing materials PLA and ABS?

What is the difference between the 3D printing materials PLA and ABS?

Both PLA and ABS are thermoplastics, or solid materials that liquefy at high temperatures. PLA is especially suitable as a hobby material and ABS comes in handy in the creation of functional prototypes.

PLA allows you to draw with greater precision and ease thanks to its low melting temperature. In fact, it is less likely to deform or curl up during cooling. It is also a strong, durable and biodegradable material. Nevertheless, its low melting temperature also makes it more brittle and more likely to melt in direct sunlight, which excludes it from making accurate functional prototypes.

ABS, on the other hand, with its high melting temperature, is tougher, more flexible and more resistant to high temperatures. Thus, it is less likely to break in its liquid state and is very suitable for making functional prototypes as it is highly heat resistant. However, ABS is more sensitive to temperature changes, making it harder to work with and more likely to deform or curl up during cooling.

The recommended nozzle temperatures for PLA and ABS are as follows: 

  • PLA: 180-230°C
  • ​​​​​​​ABS: 210-250°C​​​​​​​
Order your refill for the Nano 3D printing pen here Order your refill for the Nano 3D printing pen here

Order your refill for the Nano 3D printing pen here

You can always order new filaments for the Nano 3D Printing Pen in our webshop:

Draw on it with these 3D printing inspiration boosters! Draw on it with these 3D printing inspiration boosters!

Go for it with these 3D printing inspiration boosters!

No inspiration? Not to worry! We have listed some ideas for you.

Think of all those board games and puzzles you don't play with anymore because they are incomplete. Well from now on, no more! Because with the Nano 3D printing pen, you can easily make your own pawns, chess pieces, Scrabble tiles, puzzle pieces and much more.

Are you more interested in miniature or model making? Evidently, you can do that too. Use a stencil or draw directly in the air. Don't forget to give it a personal touch by going wild with all the available colours!

You like extension sets or pimping your child's favourite toys better? Well, start drawing directly on your chosen product and create the coolest interchangeable looks.

Once the print material is dry, you can remove it from the product. Also handy if you want to make your own toy car. Use this hack and get the proportions right immediately!

Is DECO more your style? Then decorate your garden or balcony with some cool windlights or flower pots!

Not found anything you like yet? Take a look at one of our other inspiration pages or download a free stencil!

  • Check out our stencils and try them all!
  • Get into the Christmas spirit and find inspiration on our blog for your very own Christmas village!
What's in the package of the Nano 3D Printing Pen? What's in the package of the Nano 3D Printing Pen?

What's in the box?


  • Nano 3D printing pen
  • AC/DC adapter
  • USB cable
  • Screwdriver
  • 9 metres of PLA filament (divided over 3 colours)
  • Manual

Frequently asked questions about Nano 3D printing pen

No, the Nano 3D pen does not include any stencils. That is, you don't need them to use the pen since this innovative 3D pen allows you to draw in the air!

Would you like to use stencils anyway? Find a nice one on our inspiration page and download it for free!

No. The Nano 3D printing pen is suitable for 1.75 mm ABS and PLA filaments.

Due to the high temperatures of the integrated nozzle, this 3D printing pen is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

The Nano 3D-Printing pen weighs only 37 grams, making it very nice to use.

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9,0 2 Reviews
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      Nienke - 19-09-2023

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Nano 3D printing pen - Silver

Recommended price 54,99
Recommended price 54,99

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